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Joel Aguilera

Customer Account Manager

Joel brings nearly 10 years of agriculture experience to CAS and it’s customers. He is a licensed PCA and CCA. Since joining CAS in 2020, Joel has been expanding his agronomic skill sets by spending time researching, learning, and building a great understanding of the CAS programs, products and their uses, in order to be an asset to growers. 


Going forward, Joel will provide growers with solutions and information to reach their goals and overcome problematic obstacles. In the field, he's a risk manager, but outside of work, Joel did make a big leap by bungee-jumping off a bridge!




Monte Bottens



Being a farmer myself, I enjoy helping other farmers adopt innovative solutions that not only enhance profitability, but improve and enhance soil and plant quality for the next generation. I benefit from the things that my great, great grandfather did on our farm; I hope that five generations from now my family and your family will benefit from my contribution. 


Graduated from Augustana College, Rock Island, IL, with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration with a focus in marketing and management, minor in speech communications, Certified Crop Advisor, Member of Soil Science Society of America, Crop Science Society of America, Agronomy Society of America, Volunteer for The Well Community Church, EAT Foundation Technology Class Teacher, guest speaker at UC Davis and CSU, Fresno.

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Cary Crum

Crop Consultant


The majority of Cary’s career has been working in ag sales and marketing for the fresh produce industry. He also has ten years of hands on farming experience in trees and vines. It’s this combined experience that allows him to bring the kind of support and solutions growers need to overcome any problem and achieve optimum results.


Cary joined the CAS team in 2015 and has been building a strong understanding of the newest and best technologies that have been developed for today’s producers. He’s also been learning about the CAS approach to educating customers and working with them to develop strategies to efficiently utilize our products and achieve the best results for the grower. The grower’s success is his goal. He wants to build customer relationships that exceed expectations—adding profit to their operations and streamlining their businesses.


One of the most rewarding things Cary has done was taking each of his three children to tour historic sites on the east coast during their 8th grade year.  He was able to spend 2 weeks with each of them individually, sharing experiences that have helped shape the adults they have become.



Crop Advisor and Consultant

Justin joined CAS in 2020 with more than 30 years experience in the agricultural industry. As a fifth-generation agriculturalist, he is creating a Farm Advisory Services division at CAS. He's striving to serve others by making positive change. Justin wants to help guide his customers to reach their farm and life goals. One of his most interesting adventures took Justin snorkeling and diving in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Learn more about Justin's career at https://www.linkedin.com/in/agvocator/

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Amanda Flores

Office Manager


Amanda attended Fresno City College and has worked in administrative roles for over fifteen years. Amanda joined the CAS team in 2014 as an Administrative Assistant. Now the Office Manager, she is responsible for payables/receivables, human resources, payroll, inventory, and order processing. Amanda’s focus is making sure all customer billing and questions are handled in a timely manner and with accuracy. Amanda speaks Spanish fluently.


Some of the daring things Amanda has done lately is zip-lining in Las Vegas and parasailing at Catalina Island.

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Aleksandr Glukhoy

Field Operations Specialist


Aleksandr started working for CAS as an intern in 2015 and was then hired as a full-time employee. He has an Associate's degree in Business Administration and is currently working on a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Agricultural Business and minoring in Plant Health, at California State University of Fresno. Aleksandr speaks three languages—English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Aleksandr's job responsibilities include assisting with any and all duties around the shop, including tissue sampling, precision planting setups, and blending and delivering products to customers. He is dedicated to the satisfaction of CAS customers—eager and always willing to help them in a hands-on, customer service-oriented manner to ensure that their operations run smoothly and successfully. He is excited to take on more responsibilities upon graduation from college and looks forward to using his knowledge and skills to help CAS and its customers succeed in their operations.

Aleksandr loves to spend his free time with his family and you can find him at church every Sunday. His other interests include photography, basketball, travelling, and the automotive industry. One of the most daring things that Aleksandr has done, was bungee jumping off a bridge, 140 feet over the Dnieper River in the city of Kiev, Ukraine.

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Martin Herrera

Customer Account Manager


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Ernest Martinez, Jr.

Customer Support Specialist


Ernesto brings over forty years of agriculture experience to CAS and it’s customers. After join CAS in 2011, he has provided his expertise in handling logistics of the fleet of CAS trucks and trailers, supervising product loading and deliveries, managing the warehouse, and performing necessary maintenance on various equipment as needed—making sure deliveries are timely, accurate, and convenient to the customer is his top priority. Ernesto speaks Spanish fluently.


Ernesto is committed to improving customer service and enjoys talking to his customers to understand their needs and how he can make their experience better. One of his goals is to learn more about the science behind the CAS product lines and how they work to better serve customers.


Ernesto enjoys riding his ‘99 Harley Road King and exploring the roadways in California and other states. It’s always a great adventure.

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Corina Martinez

Administrative Assistant


Corina worked for us temporarily as a warehouse assistant and we liked her so much that we asked her back to join our office team. She has experience working in many different positions over the years and proudly wears the badge of "Jack of All Trades." 

Corina works closely with Amanda and together they work hard to ensure that order processing, billing, logistics, and other administrative processes are handled quickly and efficiently. 

Corina is a big Seahawks fan and still remembers the time she was able to go to CenturyLink Field in Seattle. Known for being the loudest stadium, she still can't believe how the floor shook from the noise of the event.


Alberto Medina


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Antonio Perez

Customer Account Manager


In 2014, Antonio started his career at California Ag Solutions as an intern working on almond leaf sampling, soil sampling, and product deliveries. 

In 2015, he graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelor of Plant Science and is a licensed PCA. For two seasons, Antonio installed, maintained, and monitored moisture sensing probes to determine the best irrigation plans for growers. It is his advanced understanding of soil moisture movement and plant utilization that has led many growers to make dramatic improvements in their irrigation practices.

Today, Antonio is helping growers with all aspects of their production practices including plant nutrition, soil health, and irrigation management. His in-field experience is excellent and he takes a steady, thoughtful approach to problem-solving. Growers really enjoy working with Antonio as he helps them take the next steps toward better soil health and plant nutrition.

Antonio says that nothing in his life has been quite as exciting though as when he proposed to his wife, Stephanie. But then their baby arrived!


DJ Phanh

Field Operations Specialist


DJ has worked in the fast food industry, a car wash, and at Walmart. While at Walmart, he held the position as Overnight Team Lead and received the award of Associate of the Month. 


DJ has been a part of the CAS team since 2015 and his duties include blending and delivering customer orders, as well as helping with assembly and maintenance of the Faster Forage program’s strip-till equipment. The fleet of delivery trailers require constant maintenance and he takes pride in keeping them in top shape so they are ready to roll.


His goal is to maintain excellent ratios when mixing customer orders and is always looking for ways to improve the process. He understands the importance of timely and accurate deliveries, and strives to do his very best for CAS customers.


His fondest memories from childhood are of playing hide and seek in the trees. He remembers it was really pretty dangerous, but when you’re eight you feel invincible and he’s just glad that no one ever fell.

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Matthew Rossow

VP of Operations


Matthew’s career in agriculture has taken him all over the world and spanned thirty-five adventure-packed years. His education and experience gives him the expertise of being able to communicate complex technologies to a wide range of people, taking theoretical ideas and turning them into practical everyday tools to help growers be more efficient.


Supervising the information-based tools at CAS, Matthew assists customers in making informed decisions using soil moisture probes, and soil, water and tissue analysis. He is constantly evaluating new technologies and related services for growers to help them maximize crop potential. 


Matthew recalls a weekend “vacation” in the Middle East as one of the most interesting experiences of his life. He loves encountering different cultures and seeing different scenery, especially in rural agricultural areas. He enjoys sharing those experiences with his wife Ann. They live on a farm in Dos Palos, CA.

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Silas Rossow



Silas received his college education at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and was blessed to grow up around agriculture his whole life. Driving tractors, irrigating fields, and figuring out how crops grow was a valuable education. Silas began his career at CAS in the fall of 2008 as a Customer Account Manager. In 2014, Silas began managing the day-to-day operations at CAS and is now a business partner with founder Monte Bottens.


His drive to seek out the very best practices for California farmers comes from his love of agriculture and technology. He’s excited about the opportunity to work with new growers and help them find solutions to the problems they face. 


Perhaps the most interesting thing about Silas is his enthusiasm for the perfect practical joke. He enjoys a good laugh and having fun. His wife, Julie, and three children make for a captive audience and are his biggest fans.


Ethan Williamson

Strategic Operations Specialist


Ethan has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, Rehabilitation Specialist and at one point he worked at an Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Clinic in Dundalk, Ireland. Ethan grew up working in almond orchards setting up irrigation systems and taking care of orchards and is excited to be working in Ag again.


Ethan began working for CAS in November of 2017, working closely with Silas to help him refine the customer experience and provide better solutions for the issues that growers face everyday. He has a passion for improving quality of life and his goal at CAS is to provide customers with outstanding personalized service and become a knowledgeable resource for both growers and coworkers.


His greatest blessings are his wife, Danielle, and his son, Azrael. An interesting fact about Ethan is that he used to be a gymnast and often got himself into weird situations because of it, including falling through the floor of an abandoned asylum.  

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Alex Glukhoy