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Boron Solutions

Boron is important to be paired with calcium for the structure of cell walls, which aides root elongation. Also important for the enzymatic systems that affect potassium uptake.


  • Baseline micronutrient package to use with foliar applications.

  • Add TUNE UP products with TOP END to address specific nutrient deficiencies.

  • Contains a high level of immediately available calcium for fruit and seed formation of a maturing crop and disease suppression. Nutrients are nitrate based for quick absorption and small molecular size.

  • Contains sugar alcohols for translocation of nutrients throughout plant tissues.

  • Optimizes late season nutrient status.

BORON PACKAGE 10% Boric Acid base product. Designed for both foliar application and fertigation. Provides plant available boron, essential for plant growth, development and potassium utilization/transport.

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