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We are People People.

We are Customer Focused.

We are Team Players.

We have a Strong Work Ethic.

We are Critical Thinkers.

We are Problem Solvers. 

California Ag Solutions is a solutions-based business. We help identify problems that customers have and we strive to spot potential problems before they occur. 

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California Ag Solutions is growing and we need ag professionals with experience in soil health, water quality, crop production, nutrient management, and people willing to look for unique grower solutions.

Silas Rossow
Matthew Rossow
Monte Bottens
Amanda Flores
Justin Dutra
Alex Glukhoy
Martin Herrera
Ernest Martinez
DJ Phanh
Ethan Williamson
Josh Rush
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Silas Rossow


Silas received his college education at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and was blessed to grow up around agriculture his whole life. Driving tractors, irrigating fields, and figuring out how crops grow was a valuable education. Silas began his career at CAS in the fall of 2008 as a Customer Account Manager. In 2014, Silas began managing the day-to-day operations at CAS and is now a business partner with founder Monte Bottens.


His drive to seek out the very best practices for California farmers comes from his love of agriculture and technology. He’s excited about the opportunity to work with new growers and help them find solutions to the problems they face. 


Perhaps the most interesting thing about Silas is his enthusiasm for the perfect practical joke. He enjoys a good laugh and having fun. His wife, Julie, and three children make for a captive audience and are his biggest fans.


Matthew Rossow

VP of Operations

Matthew’s career in agriculture has taken him all over the world and spanned decades of adventures. His education and experience give him the expertise of being able to communicate complex technologies to a wide range of people, taking theoretical ideas and turning them into practical everyday tools to help growers be more efficient.


His role at CAS is to oversee the daily operations of the company's equipment and facilities. Some days he is "Mr. Fix-it" with dirty coveralls on, and some days he is at his computer designing and engineering solutions to help our growers farm more efficiently, enabled by our services. He is the company's equipment-nut, gear-head, tech-nerd, head fabricator, shop-teacher, and oh- loves to grow things too!


Matthew recalls a weekend “vacation” in the Middle East as one of the most interesting experiences of his life. He loves experiencing different cultures and seeing different scenery, especially in rural agricultural areas. He enjoys sharing those experiences with his wife Ann. They live on a farm in Dos Palos, CA.


Monte Bottens


Monte Bottens has deep roots in agriculture. Raised as a fifth-generation, northwestern Illinois farmer, Monte is a business owner, entrepreneur and thought leader. Monte began his farming career with two bred sows given to him by his grandmother. Thanks to great guidance from his dad and equipment-sharing startup assistance, today he’s the owner of Bottens Family Farm (BFF). 


The farm utilizes the latest agricultural innovations in precision farming technology and crop management systems while putting into practice advanced regenerative ag principles. BFF produces a diversity of crops and grass-fed livestock. which are sold direct to consumers under the Grateful Graze label.


He is the Founder, President and CEO of Ag Solutions Network, Inc. (ASN) headquartered in Moline, Illinois, where he leads the development and distribution of the POWER2GRO crop production system. ASN utilizes the latest technological advancements and highest-quality ingredients to enable farmers to build soil health and soil wealth. Monte is also the host of ASN’s podcast, AgEmerge where featured guests discuss new ideas, grower insights, research and emerging technology.


Monte is the Founder and Partner of California Ag Solutions, Inc. (CAS) in Madera, CA. The CAS team serves farmers of the Central Valley by helping them adopt reduced tillage techniques combined with improved water and nutrient efficiency using ASN’s POWER2GRO system on a wide variety of crops.

Monte has a love for the agricultural diversity in California. He serves on the leadership team of Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation (CASI) center that develops integrated reduced tillage and irrigation techniques in California and globally. His excitement for ag tech and continuous process improvement also led him to get involved with the UC Davis Entrepreneurship Program and the Sacramento Angels. He has a desire to teach others and make region specific practices applicable for all different crops, soil types, and climates throughout the US. He has presented at many conferences and universities sharing his passion for soil health and agriculture innovation.

Monte is a graduate of Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. He and his wife Robyn live in Sherrard, Illinois, close to family and the family farm.

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Justin Dutra

Regenerative Agronomist

Justin graduated from Cal Poly in 2003 with a degree in Crop Science and an emphasis in Plant Protection. He has worked in agriculture his entire life, starting in the fields at the young age of 10. Justin joined CAS in 2020 and brought with him a wealth of agricultural knowledge and industry experience. He is currently creating a Farm Advisory Services division at CAS that will make growers more profitable using our innovative systems approach to soil and plant health.


Justin is passionate about agriculture and it shows by his willingness to go the extra mile to help his accounts and colleagues. On Justin’s time off he loves to travel with his wife, keep up to date on current events and being the “IT guy” for all his family and friends.  Learn more about Justin's career at


Amanda Flores

Office Manager

Amanda attended Fresno City College and has worked in administrative roles for over fifteen years. Amanda joined the CAS team in 2014 as an Administrative Assistant. Now the Office Manager, she is responsible for payables/receivables, human resources, payroll, inventory, and order processing. Amanda’s focus is making sure all customer billing and questions are handled in a timely manner and with accuracy. Amanda speaks Spanish fluently.


Aleksandr Glukhoy

Customer Account Manager

Aleksandr started working for CAS as an intern in 2015 which led to his full-time hiring. He has an Associate's degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business, as well as a minor in Plant Health, from California State University of Fresno. Aleksandr speaks three languages—English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Aleksandr's job responsibilities began with learning equipment and expanded into orchard management. From tissue sampling, to precision planting setups and maintenance, he knows how to get growers up to speed with soil health at the forefront. Aleksandr ensures customers not only have irrigation schedules, and crop nutrition plans, but more importantly, he helps implement those from principle into practice. 

He is dedicated to the satisfaction of CAS customers—eager and always willing to help them in a hands-on, customer service-oriented manner to ensure their operations run smoothly and successfully. Married in April 2021, Aleksandr enjoys the couple's two golden retrievers and working out daily. 

Martin Herrera.jpg

Martin Herrera

Customer Account Manager
Ernesto Martinez

Ernest Martinez, Jr.

Customer Support Specialist

Martin earned his Bachelor's of Science degree in Plant Science from Fresno State. His work experience includes managing an almond processing warehouse for two years, and then two years as an agricultural chemical manager at Helena. Martin joined CAS in 2019 and has been critical in irrigation management of tomato fields, and supporting the logistics team. Martin said his goal is to help growers produce maximum yields while providing irrigation and nutrient management. You can find Martin on LinkedIn

Ernesto brings over forty years of agriculture experience to CAS and it’s customers. After joining CAS in 2011, he has provided his expertise in handling logistics of the fleet of CAS trucks and trailers, supervising product loading and deliveries, managing the warehouse, and performing necessary maintenance on various equipment as needed—making sure deliveries are timely, accurate, and convenient to the customer is his top priority. Ernesto speaks Spanish fluently.


Ernesto is committed to improving customer service and enjoys talking to his customers to understand their needs and how he can make their experience better. One of his goals is to learn more about the science behind the CAS product lines and how they work to better serve customers.

DJ web.jpg

DJ Phanh

Field Operations Specialist

DJ has worked in the fast food industry, a car wash, and at Walmart. While at Walmart, he held the position as Overnight Team Lead and received the award of Associate of the Month. 


DJ has been a part of the CAS team since 2015 and his duties include blending and delivering customer orders, as well as helping with assembly and maintenance of the Faster Forage program’s strip-till equipment. The fleet of delivery trailers require constant maintenance and he takes pride in keeping them in top shape so they are ready to roll.


His goal is to maintain excellent ratios when mixing customer orders and is always looking for ways to improve the process. He understands the importance of timely and accurate deliveries, and strives to do his very best for CAS customers.

Almonds Product Slider.jpg

Mason Roth
Agronomy Support Specialist

Mason began working for CAS in September of 2022. 

Curtis Stevens

Curtis Stevens

Customer Account Manager

Curtis is a Fresno State graduate born and raised in the Central Valley. He spent the last 4+ years providing nutritional and irrigation strategies for various fruit and nut trees.

New to the CAS team as of August 2022, Curtis said he's working on getting up to speed as soon as possible and looking forward to using his previous experiences to make the transition easier.

Curtis will continue sharing knowledge with growers that helps them surpass seasonal goals. With a bigger focus on soil health and regenerative ag, Curtis has a renewed passion for the potential to improve orchard production while also being more efficient.

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Josh Rush

Customer Support Specialist
small IMG_9274-Ethan-Williamson.jpg

Ethan Williamson

Customer Account Manager

Ethan has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, he's worked as a Rehabilitation Specialist and at one point he worked at an Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Clinic in Dundalk, Ireland. Ethan grew up working in almond orchards setting up irrigation systems and taking care of orchards and is excited to be working in agriculture again.


Ethan began working for CAS in November of 2017, working closely with Silas to help him refine the customer experience and provide better solutions for the issues that growers face everyday. He has a passion for improving quality of life and his goal at CAS is to provide customers with outstanding personalized service and become a knowledgeable resource for both growers and coworkers.

Curtis Stevens
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