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CAS Services

We’re here to work alongside our growers to help their business flourish. Offering a total system approach, we look forward to discussing goals and areas of improvement with potential growers to design a program and regenerative action plan that meets their needs.

Our goal is to help farmers become more efficient, sustainable and profitable while improving water quality, biodiversity, plant health, soil health and human health. 

  • Customized for your specific crop needs

  • Our products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients

  • Provide the right nutrients, at the right growth stage and the right amount for outstanding performance

White Consulting Calipers Icon.png
  • CAS soil health experts know how to plan and implement soil health principles

  • Rely on our decades of farming experience

  • We have irrigation know-how to advance equipment and input management

  • We set growers up to thrive with limited natural resources

White Corn stalk icon.png
White Corn stalk icon.png
  • Designed specifically for California forage production.

  • We help combine
    strip-till and advanced planting equipment with targeted plant nutrition

  • Get crops growing quicker and
    harvested sooner

  • Increase water efficiency while improving yields!

  • We can solve ALL your equipment modifications

  • Save labor costs

  • Save fuel costs

  • Save equipment maintenance

Systems Approach to Crops

Send us a message or call Silas at 209-617-7701
and we’ll get back to you to set up a field visit.

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