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Soil Conditioners

Improve infiltration and holding capacity. Get your water to work for you with proper irrigation and salinity management.

TECHNICAL HUMIC ACID LIQUID CONCENTRATE Formulated through a unique process that creates a three-dimensional versus linear molecular alignment which increases cation exchange capacity. Utilized with UAN 28/32 and other liquid fertilizers to aid in stability and bioavailability of applied nutrients. Enhances carbon status and biological activity in degraded soils.

SALINITY MANAGEMENT TREATMENT Derived from calcium acetate providing a highly soluble calcium source. Designed to exchange quickly allowing sodium to leach. When used with PENMAX®, exchanged salts are leached through the soil profile.

SOIL PENETRANT TREATMENT Increases water surface infiltration and penetration throughout the soil profile. Allows improved soil flocculation which reduces bulk density (loosens soils), reduces soil dispersion (soil crusting) and improves stable soil aggregate concentration (reduced clodding). Increases the microbial base in soil by improving soil oxygen content and breaking down into a microbial food source. Eliminates runoff, improves water use efficiency, water holding capacity and a plays a key role in salinity management.

SOIL BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT A proprietary blend of surfactants, lignin polymers. Improves root system resistance to salts by increasing root mucilage production and enhanced microbial activity. Designed to degrade carryover herbicides which may cause issues with subsequent crop rotations (please consult with ASN for condition specific recommendations).

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