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About Us

California Ag Solutions began working with local growers to adopt minimum tillage techniques for cotton. From there, the team developed production practices of strip-till tomatoes following cover crops.


We then dove into dairy forage crops pioneering advanced strip-till silage corn production, the alfalfa foliar program, and winter forage production. Our advanced almond program was then added to help growers maintain optimal tree energy status in their orchards before and after harvest.

Our entire system is designed to integrate effectively from start to finish. Focusing on soil and plant interactions, we begin at planting by using the proprietary POWER2GRO™ program and products to deliver balanced nutrition to maximize genetic potential and vegetative growth. Throughout the growing season, additional soil, water, and canopy nutrients are timed to key physiological points in the plant’s life to reduce stress, improve set and maximize fill.

Our dairy clients can further integrate the benefits of the crops grown with the POWER2GRO program. Feed efficiency is critical in any operation.  Maximizing the quality of forages allows dairymen to increase the number of forages fed.  Higher forage diets lead to a healthier herd, improved income over feed cost (IOFC) and a more profitable bottom line.


We work closely with your team to integrate new technology and production practices as your operation evolves. 

We help you reach and surpass your business and personal goals by building synergy across your entire operation; ultimately, working from the soil up to set the foundation for and support the growth of a superior crop.


By providing innovative science and research-supported guidance paired with key nutrient products,  we increase plant performance and build on-the-farm success across a wide range of field and orchard crops. We’re committed to helping our clients grow a premium crop efficiently, sustainably, and profitably. 


Offering complete assistance at every phase of the growing cycle with an industry leading production system, we take the modern farm operation to the next level.

Image by Karl Wiggers
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