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  • Derived from low biuret urea for plant safety and effectiveness.

  • Formulated to be used as part of foliar application on many crops.

  • Contains boost additive designed to increase uptake and stability in storage.

  • Excellent product to enhance uptake of all tank mixed products.

TRACTION is a liquid fertilizer formulated from low-biuret urea. It is designed to be used as a foliar application on agricultural crops; Contains additives designed to increase uptake and stabilize.
NPK: 21-0-0
Urea Nitrogen (N) 21%
Derived from Low-Biuret Urea.

Appearance: Light Brown Liquid
Odor: Slight Ammonia Odor
Water Solubility: Complete
Density: 9.40 LB/GAL (68°F), 1.13 KG/L (20°C)
pH: 7.2
Freezing Point: 1°F (+/-5°)
Boiling Point: 215°F (102°C)
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