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Heat Stress Remediation

Maintain plant health during heat stress by regulating nutrient uptake and plant physiological functions. Promote efficient transpiration and water use with nutrient management. Balance key plant hormones needed to respond to temperature, drought, osmotic, salt, and nutrient stress.

PLANT BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT Contains cold water kelp, lignin polymers derived from fresh versus mined sources. Reduces plant stress caused from reproduction, drought, heat, wind, hail, or pests to improve plant health. Improves regrowth recovery and increases quality/digestibility of forages. Signals root growth, extension and division.

KA MACRONUTRIENT WITH ADDITIVE PACKAGE Highly concentrated Potassium formula (29%), which means buying and shipping less water. Formulated with acetic acid which is used as a fungicide in many organic systems. FAST TRACK additive, our unique fulvic and surfactant package gets added at dealer location. Corrects and prevents potassium deficiencies which drives fruit and grain quality. Mitigates plant stress and improves water use efficiency.

FOLIAR MICRONUTRIENT PACKAGE Baseline micronutrient package to use with foliar applications. Add TUNE UP products with TOP END to address specific nutrient deficiencies. Contains a high level of immediately available calcium for fruit and seed formation of a maturing crop and disease suppression. Nutrients are nitrate based for quick absorption and small molecular size. Contains sugar alcohols for translocation of nutrients throughout plant tissues. Optimizes late season nutrient status.

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