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Phosphorous Solutions

Phosphorous is a critical element in the storage and transfer of energy needed for root growth. It's better utilized when applied with ammonium based nitrogen.

P MACRONUTRIENT PACKAGE Produced from a high-quality source of 100% ortho phosphoric acid. Formulated at a 6.2 pH for stability and availability of P and acidifies the seed zone for greater overall nutrient availability. Designed for on-seed, foliar or fertigation use. Unique P to K ratio for seed formation and vigorous vegetative growth.

FOUNDATION is a liquid fertilizer formulated for season-long availability in adverse soil conditions. Formulated to keep phosphorus available in high pH and calcareous soils. Unique and proprietary complex that enhances microbial activity, buffers salts, and complexes phosphorus. ALWAYS complete a 24-hour jar test for compatibility.Increases soil mobility of P while stimulating root development and improve plant growth. Designed to strengthen overall plant health and reduce Phosphorous tie-up in the soil.

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