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Zinc Solutions

Zinc controls synthesis of indoleacetic acid, which plays a key role in root development.

MICRONUTRIENT PACKAGE Contains proprietary sugar alcohols for translocation of nutrients throughout plant tissues. Formulated with three-dimensional humic and fulvic acids for higher cation exchange capacity. Includes soil grade surfactants for even application throughout the seed trench or plant tissues. Contains 6 essential micronutrients at key ratios for optimum uptake and growth. Significantly increase phosphorus uptake, root expression, early vigor, and cold weather tolerance which will improve plant health and defense mechanisms.

FOLIAR MICRONUTRIENT PACKAGE Contains key micronutrients designed to correct deficiencies associated with glyphosate applications or alkaline soil conditions. Blend of a specific ratio of zinc, iron and manganese to intercept remobilization of glyphosate and replace nutrient deficiencies caused by glyphosate. Best applied 10 days after glyphosate treatment. DO NOT USE with phosphorus or glyphosate products.

FOLIAR ZINC PACKAGE Designed for foliar application. Derived from zinc sulfate and complexed with lignosulfonate for excellent plant availability. Provides an immediately available zinc source to overcome deficiencies.

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